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Veterans Park in Mattituck Unveils Parking Lot Renovation

Updated: Jul 8

This past Autumn, the Mattituck Park District marked a new milestone with the completion of a renovation project at the large parking lot of Veterans Memorial Park. This much-needed sealing not only enhances the park's accessibility but also significantly improves the overall visitor experience.

A Transformation for the Community:

The renovation of the parking lot was a project born out of necessity, as the parking lot was redone after Superstorm Sandy. The aging infrastructure had long been due for an overhaul, and the Park District recognized the importance of a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing parking area for the numerous visitors who come to enjoy the park's amenities.

Board Chair Kevin Byrne Reflects on the Project:

Kevin Byrne, the Board Chair of the Mattituck Park District, expressed his enthusiasm for the project's completion. "This renovation was not just necessary; it was essential for the continued enjoyment and safety of our community members," Byrne said. "We're thrilled with the outcome. The resurfacing has extended the life of the parking lot for many more years."

District Clerk Chris Shashkin on the Project's Impact: Chris Shashkin, District Clerk, also shared his satisfaction with the renovation. "We've received incredibly positive feedback from the community. The new layout has improved traffic flow, increased handicapped parking capacity, and the overall look and feel of the entrance to our beloved park have been greatly enhanced."

Features of the Renovated Parking Lot: The renovated parking lot boasts several key features:

  • Additional handicap parking spaces

  • Restriping of all other space, for easier navigation and nighttime

  • Enhanced safety features, including marked drop-off areas

A Commitment to Excellence: The completion of this project is a testament to the Mattituck Park District's commitment to maintaining and improving its facilities for the benefit of the community. It reflects an understanding of the park's role as a central gathering place and a hub of recreational activities.

Looking Forward: With this project, Veterans Park sets a standard for future improvements and developments within the Mattituck Park District. It's a clear indication that the District is dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible, and enjoyable spaces for all its visitors.

The final phase is the installation of several solar light fixtures in the lot.

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