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RESOLVED that the Board of Commissioners of the Mattituck Park District, in order to promote productive meetings without interruption from the public and to allow the Agenda items to proceed in a continuous manner, hereby implement the following rules for all Work Session meetings, effective immediately: All Work Session meetings shall be run with input from the Commissioners, employees and scheduled appointments only; At no time will a member of the public in attendance at said meeting be allowed to interrupt the meeting with questions, comments, etc. before, during or after the meeting; Any violation of these rules will result in that person committing the violation being subject to removal from the meeting.

MEETING AND WORK SESSION POLICY  The Board of Commissioners of the Mattituck Park District hereby approve the Meeting and Work Session Policy as follows: The Board of Commissioners (hereinafter the “Board”) may reach an agreement concerning a topic for consideration at a meeting or Work Session prior to said Meeting or Work Session provided all three Commissioners agree via email communication. The Board has set the start time for all meetings and Work Sessions at 6:00 p.m. and an end time of 9:00 p.m. or sooner. The Board further agrees that they will review all bills prior to Work Session meetings at 5:45 p.m. The start time for all Work Session meetings will remain at 6:00 p.m. The Board agrees that during a regular monthly meeting, all bid openings and/or requests for quotes, proposals, etc. will be scheduled after the approval of Minutes from the prior meeting(s) and before all Reports are given.

The Board agrees that all meeting and Work Session Agenda items will be included in the upcoming Agenda provided all Agenda items are submitted to the Secretary by Tuesday evening prior to said meeting. If an Agenda item is received after Tuesday evening, that Agenda item will be included on the Agenda for the next month’s meeting. The Board agrees that meeting and Work Session Agenda items may be listed and categorized on the Agenda by property location (i.e., Veterans Park, Aldrich Lane, Breakwater Beach, Bailie Beach, etc). The Board further agrees that meeting and Work Session Agenda items may be listed on said Agenda by priority. The Board agrees that approval of all meeting and Work Session Agendas be approved by the Board by the Tuesday evening before said meeting or Work Session. The Board agrees that audience participation is limited to five minutes at the end of the meeting for non-Agenda items and before the meeting for Agenda items.

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